Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm a busy, busy, busy Mommy.

So very sorry for the hiatus from blogging. From here on out I plan on posting at least once a month. Since I lasted updated everyone, a lot of things have changed in the Turner household.  For starters, our sweet Nash will begin to receive two types therapy through Kentucky's First Steps program.  A physical therapist will come every other week and a developmental specialist will come on the opposite schedule (every other week).  Nash has low core muscle strength, and at this time, we are all just hoping that it is just a delay from prematurity.  After last weeks IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan), basically a meeting with the service coordinator and his therapists, a follow up with a pediatric gastroenterologist was recommended.  This follow up was recommended because of his continued abdominal distention.  (The therapist believe that the distention may contribute to his low core strength because of abdominal discomfort.) Unfortunately, the pediatric GI doens't have an opening until May 15th.  I plan on calling them daily to see if anything comes available sooner.  Thankfully, Nash is growing and for the most part he is behaving much like his brother and sister. 

Another big change:  I am going prn (as needed) at the hospital, so that I can be at home with the babies.  As of late, they are getting very busy and are staying awake for longer periods.  I also thought this would work out better for Nash's therapy schedule.  *I love my job (on most days) and I do plan on working when they need me.*

Jaxon is really looking forward to Summer break.  I have to keep reminding him that Spring break comes first! Lately, he has been playing outside everyday after school and he is loving this weather.  He is such a big help around the house, and he even enjoys playing with the babies.  He loves to play with our (almost) two year old nephew, Truett.  Watching them play together makes me feel like he will play well with the babies when they are a little more mobile.

Knox, Kate & Nash enjoying their new table.