Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No greens for us....and making baby food.

Lately, I have been making veggies for the trio and pureeing them in the Ninja.  For the most part they LOVE it, but I can't get them to eat anything green.  No sweet peas, no green been, nothing. I am beginning to wonder if I have passed some kind of vegetable-hating gene on to them.  Jaxon most certainly has this gene too. 

I have been using this amazing site for hints and tips.  (I freeze and store all of our veggies in individual cups which we bought from Babies R Us.)

If this is something you plan to do, I would highly advise that you read about the fruit/veggie that you plan to introduce on this site.  It gives you a detailed explanation on how to cook and store most foods. At first, I was pretty intimidated about all of this, but I also knew that individual jars of manufactured baby food would get very costly very quickly.  I can make about 2 pounds of veggies (32 ounces) for around $2.50.  If I were to buy 2 pounds of Gerber veggies, it would cost about $5.00.  The savings really add up when you are going through THREE times the veggies. With that being said, I am not opposed to them eating Gerber or Beechnut baby food. I only plan on buying those for convenience. For those of you considering this...you CAN do it.  Feel free to comment or message me on facebook with any questions.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yes, we're still alive...

After a long blogging hiatus, I have returned.
As most of you know, our babies were born on August 4th, 2011 at 27 weeks and 6 days.  The weeks and months that followed were the longest of my life.  I have never endured anything more heartbreaking or miserable than leaving my children at the hospital each and every day.  On a lighter note, Nash was the last to come home after 75 days on October 17th.  Since then, they have been thriving.  I will make an effort to post their birth story soon, but up until this point, I think it was too painful to rehash.

---For those of you wondering, Jaxon is adjusting beautifully.  He always prays for his brothers and sister and even offers to help occasionally.  We are trying to maintain normalcy for him, especially with his extracurricular activities. (His first basketball game of the season was today and his team won.)

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Our hands are full, but our hearts are too. We are beyond blessed to parent these wonderful children.