Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No greens for us....and making baby food.

Lately, I have been making veggies for the trio and pureeing them in the Ninja.  For the most part they LOVE it, but I can't get them to eat anything green.  No sweet peas, no green been, nothing. I am beginning to wonder if I have passed some kind of vegetable-hating gene on to them.  Jaxon most certainly has this gene too. 

I have been using this amazing site for hints and tips.  (I freeze and store all of our veggies in individual cups which we bought from Babies R Us.)

If this is something you plan to do, I would highly advise that you read about the fruit/veggie that you plan to introduce on this site.  It gives you a detailed explanation on how to cook and store most foods. At first, I was pretty intimidated about all of this, but I also knew that individual jars of manufactured baby food would get very costly very quickly.  I can make about 2 pounds of veggies (32 ounces) for around $2.50.  If I were to buy 2 pounds of Gerber veggies, it would cost about $5.00.  The savings really add up when you are going through THREE times the veggies. With that being said, I am not opposed to them eating Gerber or Beechnut baby food. I only plan on buying those for convenience. For those of you considering this...you CAN do it.  Feel free to comment or message me on facebook with any questions.

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