Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am obviously new at this...

Good afternoon everyone!

From now on, I am going to make my best effort to keep you all informed about our family and of on the triplets. (The only baby news for now is that I have an appointment with a perinatalogist- high risk OB tomorrow. I will keep you all updated.)

As you will soon figure out, I am not (nor claim to be) the best writer in the world.  However, that is not the intent of this blog.  As for the name of the blog, we must first honor our first child, Jaxon.  For those of you that know him, you understand just how much he LOVES sports! Thus, the "triple threat" refers to very different things/actions in basketball, football and wrestling. (I'm positive that he'd participate in the later if there was such a organization crazy enough to let 5 year-old boys do so.)  "Triple Threat" also obviously refers to our triplets that are expected to arrive in September...for those of you that have stumbled upon this blog by chance.

I will update you all after the appointment tomorrow.


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