Friday, April 29, 2011


Today, I had an appointment with the perinatalogist and had an ultrasound as well.  Firstly, (and most importantly) each baby is measuring right on track.  Baby A is measuring 14w0d, Baby B is measuring 14w1d, and Baby C is measuring 14w2d.  The ultrasonographer said it was quite normal for them to measure a few days differently, as long as they are growing at the expected rate this is normal.  Baby A is camera shy and really only gave us one good picture.  Baby B was rubbing his/her belly, he/she must've really enjoyed lunch.  Baby C was just hanging out sucking on his/her thumb.

The doctor said that everything is looking great, and said that I had a great chance of carrying the babies over 32 weeks.  She said that I need to take very good care of myself in order to accomplish that goal.   Overall, today was a great visit.

It is very early to be sure, but the ultrasonographer said that she believed that we MOST likely are going to have 2 boys and 1 girl.  The boys were a little more obvious, but Baby B was a harder to see, so B may be a boy too.  I will have another appointment and ultrasound in 3 weeks.  Hopefully we will get gender confirmation at that time.

Jaxon is being quite the trooper.  He is too wrapped up in school, t-ball and soccer to be concerned with the upcoming change.  However, he is taking the news well and is excited about the probability of brothers.

Thank you to everyone that is praying for our family.  We really appreciate your prayers and support. 

Noah, Allison, Jaxon, Baby A, Baby B & Baby C

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